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National Indigenous History Month – IAMC-TMX Letter

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June is National Indigenous Peoples History Month and June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day

#IndigenousHistoryMonth #NIPDCanada #IndigenousPeoplesDay

The Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee for the Trans Mountain Expansion and Existing Pipeline (IAMC-TMX) invites all settler-Canadians and Indigenous peoples to join us in celebrating National Indigenous History Month throughout the month of June and National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st – Summer Solstice.

As the Co-Chairs for the IAMC-TMX, we are approaching the work of the Committee through co- development, which will ensure that our shared goals are mobilized for the benefit of Indigenous communities along the pipeline route. Co-development is a step towards reconciliation.

Canada has committed to reconciliation. This commitment makes space for government departments to identify and table actions and policies aimed at dismantling racism and discriminatory practices enacted by colonial systems. We are dedicated to increasing the space for Indigenous peoples to lead on monitoring and providing advice to the Government on resource extraction projects.

The Committee is currently in its final year of its initial five-year funding. However, the Government of Canada committed to the Committee for the full lifecycles of the Trans Mountain pipelines. The Indigenous Caucus is working with Natural Resources Canada, the CER and other federal departments involved in the Project to look at the future of the Committee and to develop a funding proposal as part of Budget 2022. Over the last five years, the IAMC-TMX has garnered widespread involvement from Indigenous communities along the terrestrial and marine routes, has established a successful monitoring program with the CER, and has provided valuable advice to the CER and Government in a variety of contexts. Going forward, the Indigenous Caucus will engage with the 129 communities along the pipeline corridor to get their valuable feedback on renewal.

Indigenous values and knowledge are key to mitigating the risk of extractive industry impacts on our lands and waters. With aligned goals – environmental safety and monitoring, capacity to respond when there is an emergency, equitable distribution of the positive impacts of major resource industries and support to mitigate the negative impacts, we are walking a path towards reconciliation.

Share in our journey throughout the month of June as we prioritize learning about Indigenous peoples’ history and achievements and join in celebration with us during the summer solstice. Together we will dismantle and rebuild settler and Indigenous relationships in Canada.

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Tracy Fleck
Federal Co-Chair

Ray Cardinal
A/Indigenous Co-Chair

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#ClimateChangeMeans Endangered Chinook Salmon Expected to Totally Die Out Due to California Heat Wave https://www.newsweek.com/endangered-salmon-species-california-river-expected-totally-die-out-due-heat-wave-1609758

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Impacts of alcohol when boating?
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Today’s #COVID19 in Canada info and updates:

➡️#GOC website on #coronavirus disease: http://ow.ly/phv950BI9D0
➡️Canada COVID-19 Daily Epidemiology Update: http://ow.ly/D8Uk50BI9D1

On International #SelfCareDay, we encourage you to take some time to explore different Medicine Wheel teachings in this video by Tribal Trade Co: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7nb4rJ_N14.


Howard Darwin Arena – 1765 Merivale Road
July 24 9am - 5pm
- 1st DOSE 12+
- 2nd DOSE 12+ & 28 days post mRNA
NO OHIP Required!

More info -> https://ottawapublichealth.ca/en/public-health-topics/covid-19-vaccine.aspx#Pop-up-clinics
#VHCDose2 #COVID19ON #vhcON

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Have your say: http://ow.ly/XUyx50FlQK6 #SelfCareDay

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“My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.” – Louis Riel. An acoustic rendition of his heartfelt song about residential schools was shared by JJ Lavallee during the IM and IO Gathering this week. ... See MoreSee Less
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“Naut’sa mawt sqwaluwun, we need to come together to work with one heart and one mind. We aren’t going anywhere, so we have to work together.” – Carleen Thomas shared her perspective with the #IndigenousMonitors and Inspection Officers during their Gathering earlier this week. #IAMC_TMX #BuildingRelationships #Reconciliation ... See MoreSee Less
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This week’s #IndigenousMonitor (IM) and Regulatory Inspection Officer (IO) Gathering kicked off in a good way with an opening prayer by Elder Ernest Arcand, followed by a song by Métis singer-songwriter JJ Lavallee. Welcoming words came from #IAMC_TMX Committee member Carleen Thomas, Acting Indigenous Co-Chair Raymond Cardinal, Federal Co-Chair Tracy Fleck, and federal regulatory representatives Chris Loewen (CER) and Michael Engelsfjord (DFO). Throughout the day, over 60 participants engaged in activities focused on strengthening cross-cultural understandings and knowledge sharing. Building relationships between IM’s and IO’s is key to creating change in oversight of the #TMX project. ... See MoreSee Less
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