Indigenous Monitoring Reports

Indigenous Involvement in Oversight: IAMC-TMX Indigenous Monitoring Program Reports

The IAMC-TMX Indigenous Monitoring Program supports the participation of Indigenous Monitors and their communities in the federal regulation of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. A partnership between the IAMC-TMX, the Canada Energy Regulator, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Parks Canada, IAMC Indigenous Monitors are full participants in federal regulatory activities, including:

Canada Energy Regulator:

  • Environmental and safety field inspections
  • Emergency management exercise evaluations
  • Information exchange meetings

Fisheries and Oceans Canada:

  • Fisheries Act and Species at Risk Act compliance verification site visits

Parks Canada:

  • Environmental surveillances

Below, you can find the technical reports that include Indigenous Monitor’s observations from inspections and any compliance enforcement actions taken by regulators. The IAMC-TMX also produces summaries of the public technical reports.

Please note: The IAMC-TMX does not approve content of these reports. Views, issues, concerns, or positions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Committee.

System map w spreads Aug15-2019

Indigenous Monitoring Reports Map

Indigenous Monitoring Reports (CER)

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Spread 2

Jasper National Park

Spread 3

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Spread 6

Westridge-Burnaby Terminals


Burnaby and Edmonton Facilities

Indigenous Monitoring Reports (DFO)

Indigenous Monitoring Reports (Parks Canada)