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COVID-19: Almost 90,000 people have received the AstraZeneca jab at B.C. pharmacies https://vancouversun.com/news/covid-19-almost-90000-people-have-received-the-astrazeneca-jab-at-b-c-pharmacies

Chief and 81-year-old grandmother hold back trespassing protestors on Enoch land until help arrived https://windspeaker.com/news/windspeaker-news/chief-and-81-year-old-grandmother-hold-back-trespassing-protestors-enoch-land

Where the Irish are not quite `white' white https://www.irishtimes.com/news/where-the-irish-are-not-quite-`white'-white-1.194560 via @IrishTimes

How Italians Became ‘White’ https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/12/opinion/columbus-day-italian-american-racism.html?smid=tw-share

Passionate about #MarineProtectedAreas? Join our #YoungProfessionals Committee to help plan and attend @IMPAC5Canada in Vancouver, Canada in June 2022. We're grateful to co-lead this Committee with @tsleilwaututh.

Apply by April 22nd to join! http://bit.ly/IMPAC5-young-professionals

We’re back! Join our next Stream In April 20, 2021 at 1:30pm PST live, online and free for everyone. https://streamin.technologycouncil.ca/

Do you have to travel during #COVID19? We are asking all travellers to follow @GovCanHealth guidelines in Canada. Wash your hands often and wear a face covering when around others to help stop the spread.

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On April 6-7 @IAMC_TMX Indigenous Monitors (IMs) participated in an Emergency Management Exercise held at @TransMtn Westridge Marine Terminal which marks the 100th joint Compliance Verification Activity completed by the IMs. ow.ly/s3jK50EjRz1“With gratitude resonating from my heart, my hands go up to the finned, the winged, the two-legged, the four-legged, the rooted, the flowing, and my Chawathil Leadership and community, to be their eyes, ears, voice, and boots on the ground.” - Bobbi Ellen Roberts (Chawathil), IAMC-TMX Monitor ... See MoreSee Less
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.@IAMC_TMX and @TransMtn have completed their first collaborative workshop for Indigenous Monitors (IMs). Through informative presentations and break-out groups it was a great opportunity for both groups to learn and ask questions about how the other one operates. ... See MoreSee Less
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@IAMC_TMX and @TransMtn are proud to announce the first collaborative workshop for Indigenous Monitors (IMs) on March 30. It will be an opportunity for a two-way dialogue for IMs from both programs to get to know each other and get a better understanding of each program. ... See MoreSee Less
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