Capacity Funding

Increased Indigenous Participation

Funding for communities is available through the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee’s (IAMC) Contribution Program. Our objective is to increase Indigenous participation in the Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) Project and existing pipeline and to enable Indigenous groups to be more directly involved.

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The Contribution Program is targeted to address the priorities of the Committee and the 117 potentially impacted Indigenous communities related to Stewardship, Protection, and Meaningful Participation.

Natural Resources Canada, through the Indigenous Partnerships Office – West (IPO-West), administers the funding based on the decisions of the IAMC.


Program Priorities

A total of $42 million has been allocated over five years (to March 31, 2022).

The committee is accepting proposals on an ongoing basis to support Indigenous participation in monitoring the TMX Project and address issues and priorities of the 117 potentially impacted Indigenous communities.



Support Indigenous monitoring


Address Indigenous inclusion in emergency prevention, preparedness and response

Reduce harm and mitigate impacts of work camps

Meaningful Participation

Maximize knowledge-gathering and promote information sharing, including Indigenous knowledge

Support employment, training and business opportunities