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Contract Opportunity: Indigenous Monitoring Program Support

Closing date: June 29, 2021


The Indigenous Monitoring Subcommittee (IMSC) of the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and Existing Pipeline (IAMC-TMX) is inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from consultants who are qualified to provide technical support on Indigenous Monitoring as they relate to Indigenous priorities and interests and major resource development projects. In particular, the IMSC is looking for technical support in the development of an IM Program Manual.

The consultant will be responsible for developing the deliverables outlined below and providing technical advice and additional deliverables at request. The successful bidder(s) will be offered a contract to March 31, 2022 with possibility for extension subject to funding. Depending on the applications received, the contract may be split between several contractors with one serving as Project Manager. The consultant may be released from the contract without cause at any time.

The consultant may work remotely, though preference will be given to applicants residing in British Columbia or Alberta. Travel may be required under this contract and must be pre- approved. Travel costs may not exceed National Joint Council Rates.

It is expected that the successful bidder remain flexible in addressing deliverables-based deadlines for the duration of the contract.


Please send a detailed technical proposal, including all the elements detailed below, to nrcan.tmxcommittee-comitetmx.rncan@canada.ca by June 29, 2021.

The technical proposal must include:

  1. An executive summary of approach to the proposed work, including which pieces of work the consultant intends to include as outlined below.
  2. Description of the consultant outlining experience working independently and/or collectively on similar projects, and a statement that the applicant has the qualifications, capacity and experience to carry out the work.
  3. Proposed approach/methodology for carrying out the deliverables described below. Consultants should also describe their approach to providing technical advice and support to the IMSC throughout the duration of the contract.
  4. Proposed work plan and level of effort (LoE) for completing the deliverables as well as a proposed work plan for the provision of technical advice and support to the IMSC on an ongoing basis. The latter will, in practice, be at the request of the IMSC.
  5. Proposed daily and hourly rates. If more than one consultant is being proposed please outline daily and hourly rates for each consultant and clearly outline how the work will be divided in the workplan. It is expected that one consultant will be the main point of contact for the IMSC.
  6. Disclosure of any current or past work experience (direct or indirect) with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain Corporation, and/or its contractors.
  7. Portfolio of other work, as relevant.
  8. CV for each specialist named in the technical proposal, with proposed team lead and main contact with the IMSC identified.

Acknowledgment of receipt of applications will not be sent. An informal interview will be scheduled with shortlisted consultants. Consultants will additionally be asked to prepare a short presentation for the interview. References will be requested and checked for shortlisted consultants.


The Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee (IAMC) brings together 13 Indigenous and six senior federal representatives to provide advice to regulators, as well as to monitor the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and existing pipeline. The 13 Indigenous members represent the 129 Indigenous communities and regions along the route.

Members have shared goals of both the safety and protection of environmental and Indigenous interests regarding lands and waters. Read the Terms of Reference and find out more about the Committee at http://www.iamc-tmx.com.

ABOUT THE IMSC and the IAMC – TMX IM Program

Since fall 2019, the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee (IMSC) for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (IAMC-TMX) has been implementing an Indigenous Monitoring (IM) Program to provide opportunities for Indigenous communities to participate in accompanying regulators in verifying Trans Mountain Corporation’s compliance with regulations.

The IM Program currently supports 44 Indigenous monitors from 21 Indigenous partner communities and organizations across the pipeline route to participate in oversight with federal regulators, including the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and Parks Canada. Monitors work with federal staff to complete inspection reports that are publicly available on the IAMC website.

The Committee has the following priorities for the next year:

  1. Enable Indigenous participation in and integrate Indigenous knowledge, values, and perspectives into Federal oversight of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.
  2. Communicate and engage in two-way dialogue with all affected Indigenous communities to determine what is monitored and how impacts to rights and interests are mitigated.
  3. Increased capacity of Indigenous monitors to effectively and safely carry out their responsibilities and obtain long-term career benefits.
  4. Provide effective governance for the IM Program and opportunities to provide advice to regulators.


The position will report to the IMSC Chair and the IMSC Secretariat Lead. The IMSC Chair and the IMSC Secretariat Lead are responsible for co-managing the deliverables under this contract and will serve as the primary contacts of the contractor. All deliverables will be presented to the IMSC for input and feedback. Final approval on all deliverables must be received from the IMSC Chair.

The selected applicant will:

  • Provide strategic technical advice to the IMSC Chair and IMSC members as required. This may include:
    • Participating in IMSC and associated meetings as required. The IMSC meets twice a month for a total of 10 hours. Additional meetings may be called.
    • Regular check-in meetings with the IMSC Chair and/or Secretariat Lead, as required.
  • Support the development and updating of documents to create an IM Program Manual. Several guiding documents have been prepared for the program, while others need to be developed. There is the potential for the applicant to provide one or all of the following services:
    • Develop engagement procedures: create procedures for the IAMC IMs and other Indigenous communities that are not part of the IAMC-TMX IM Program to engage with one another.
    • Develop Elders Participation Protocol: work with IM Employers to develop Protocol for engaging Elders in Inspections.
    • Develop an Issues Management/Communications Protocol: Map out a process for identifying issues that arise through the IM Program, and how they are addressed, tracked and closed.
    • Develop a Regional Training Matrix: Create a regional approach to training required for IMs that takes into account potential opportunities for bridging to future opportunities.
    • ProjectManagement/Oversight:ManagetheDevelopmentoftheIMProgram Manual, including the above 4 tasks in addition to pulling together all existing guidance documents, ensuring that they are up to date and identifying any gaps that exist. Aiding in the development of these gaps to create a final IM Program Manual product.

Depending on the applicants that are received, the contract may be split between several consultants with one holding the overall Project Management/Oversight role.


The ideal consultant will bring deep expertise in Indigenous Monitoring Programs. Preference will be given to consultants with experience in working with Indigenous communities and/or in natural resource development. Preference will be given to Indigenous owned companies.

In order to be considered, your application must clearly explain how you meet the following essential qualifications.


  • Proven experience in providing technical and/or operational support in Indigenous Monitoring or a similar field
  • Proven understanding of Indigenous issues related to natural resource development, including the integration and protection of Indigenous knowledge
  • Experience collaborating with diverse partners, including Indigenous communities, government departments, regulators, non-governmental organizations and/or industry
  • Experience in conducting desktop research, drafting technical reports and briefing notes, and synthesizing complex data
  • Experience and relationships in the natural resource industry in British Columbia and/or Alberta (e.g. oil and gas, forestry, or mining), particularly in relation to Indigenous Monitoring
  • Ability to visualize data and present information in an accessible manner
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to manage schedules and deliverables, to practice adaptive management, and to work towards tight deadlines


  • Willing and able to be flexible in work schedules including evenings and weekends
  • Willing and able to travel within British Columbia and Alberta, subject to federal, provincial and community COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Depending on these regulations, there is the potential for in-person meetings.
  • Holds a valid driver license
  • Functional and competent in all relevant aspects of computer and software systems
  • Self-sufficient and functional for stand-alone service delivery with a home based office as needed


  • Must carry General Liability Insurance Coverage 4
  • Possession of valid driver’s license


The successful consultant will be offered an initial contract to March 31, 2022. Travel costs may not exceed National Joint Council rates.

It is expected that the consultant remain flexible in addressing deliverables-based deadlines for the duration of the contract.


Please send technical proposals and questions to: nrcan.tmxcommittee-comitetmx.rncan@canada.ca

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