Kimberly Lavoie

Natural Resources Canada

Executive Director
Phase IV Partnerships Office
Natural Resources Canada

In January 2019 Kimberly joined Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) as a Consultation Director for the re-initiated Phase III consultations for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMX), building on over 20 years of experience working with Indigenous Communities. Subsequently, Kimberly took on the role of Executive Director of the Phase IV Partnerships Office, designed to provide a single window into government with respect to TMX accommodation measures and to address questions, issues and concerns as they arise.

Prior to joining NRCan, Kimberly held several roles at Public Safety Canada, including Director of Crime Prevention and Aboriginal Community Safety as well as the Director of Drug Policy. She also has experience evaluating Indigenous programs at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada where she developed an engagement policy to include Indigenous communities and organizations in the design and delivery of program evaluations.

Kimberly is a mother to a thirteen-year-old boy and a member of the Qalipu First Nation. She graduated from Carleton University with Honours in Law. Over the past 23 years, Kimberly’s work has focused on improving the lives of Indigenous people and she has worked with Indigenous communities and organizations across the country. One of Kimberly’s greatest gifts is her ability to bridge the divide between community and government.


In order to truly effect positive change in government, you need people both inside and outside government to push for it. One without the other is not nearly as effective."