How will IAMC benefit Indigenous people?

IAMC will facilitate the integration of Indigenous interests, knowledge and values into the monitoring of TMX. For example, Indigenous Monitors, selected by the Committee, will accompany National Energy Board (NEB) inspectors, and other regulators where possible, to oversee TMX construction and operations.

Did Kinder Morgan create IAMC?

No, Kinder Morgan didn’t create, nor do they fund, the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee (IAMC).

IAMC-TMX covers a lot of territories, extending from Edmonton to southwestern Vancouver Island. How will it be able to respond to my community’s concerns?

Community engagement is a priority for the Committee. We are currently working with Indigenous leaders to establish the protocols that will guide us.

Our first community engagement visit was held on October 16th at Seabird Island First Nation. It was a good learning experience for us. The Engagement Subcommittee will soon announce a schedule of community visits for 2018.

Is the government just using this committee to meet its duty to consult?

No, IAMC will not replace or diminish any right of individual Indigenous communities to be consulted and accommodated by the Government. It’s an additional forum for engagement between regulators and Indigenous communities.

Will the IAMC provide updates concerning the National Energy Board and Kinder Morgan and their work on TMX?

Yes, we’ll periodically share updates of interest.