Capacity Funding

Capacity funding is available through IAMC’s Contribution Program. Our objective is to increase Indigenous participation in the oversight of the TMX Project and existing pipeline and to enable Indigenous groups to be more directly involved in its outcomes.

The Contribution Program is targeted to address the priorities of the 117 potentially impacted Indigenous communities related to:

  • Environmental protection;
  • Socioeconomic outcomes; and
  • Safety.

Natural Resources Canada, through the Indigenous Partnerships Office – West (IPO-West), administers the funding based on the recommendations of the IAMC. Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis.

Current program priorities are:

Engagement and Communication
Capacity and Development
Research, Studies and Data Gathering
Frameworks, Plans, Strategies and Advice


For all the details, click: Capacity Funding Two-Pager.

For help with putting together a proposal, please contact:

Vananh Nguyen
Indigenous Partnerships Office – West (NRCan)

Chiefs from the Indigenous Caucus met with Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr in September 2017.

Pictured here (L-R): Chief Harvey McLeod (Upper Nicola); Minister Jim Carr; Chief Ernie Crey (Cheam); and Chief Marcel Shackelly (Nooaitch).